Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Know Tricks Levitation Photography Photos

For those of you who love the hobby of photography would have a lot to learn about the existing techniques. Especially if you use a DSLR camera that really should understand the basic components of an existing function. Such as the Basic Pyramid Shuuter Three Speed ​​or shutter speed, or aperture diaphragm and Iso or measure the level of sensitivity to light entering the camera. 

That is the basis of the existing photography hobby if already mastered the Basic Three Pyramids can then further develop themselves. If the technique there are so many portraits that one of them is with a photo of levitation photography. This technique differs from Jump shoot, because this levitation makes the model look as if floating and like slowmotion. If you want to learn this technique try the model can do the style with slowmotion and be sure to use the help of a tripod and use a high shutter speed on the camera.

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