Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unique Facts About Pandas

Panda is an animal that came from sino- or Chinese. This animal is classified as a mammal animal and a family of bears. This cute and adorable animal appears to have a unique fact, any unique facts about the panda? Here is a unique fact about pandas. 
  1. Panda ears will be twitching when pandas eat something 
  2. These animals are protected animals will be extinct and endangered 
  3. Panda turns animals have a very small brain 
  4. Panda is still a family pet with a bear and red panda as a pet and include mammals 
  5. Chinese society in sino- love pandas as cute as a baby and is the country's favorite pet
  6. Pandas usually live in mountainous regions 
  7. The country of this animal as a pet know that it is considered as 'treasures' 
  8. Hobbies panda is sleeping and lying down while eating fruit or bamboo as his favorite food 
  9. Maximum age panda is around 20-30 years in the wild penakaran and around 10-20 years 
  10. Pandas are animals that can said as omnivorous animals or eating everything, including insects, fruit and eggs.

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